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Our mission is to help 10,000+ businesses scale by placing TRAINED world class talent.
Start at $7 an hour. You can streamline and outsource your client fulfillment at a fraction of the cost of a US based media buyer.
Starts at $5 an hour. Increase the number of appointments your salesperson is taking by hiring someone who focuses 100% on your organic strategies.
Starts at $7 an hour. Highly trained and recommended designer/content creators/ video editors, ready at your disposal.
Starts at $5 an hour. These are experienced people with a background in customer service/cold calling. They speak as close to perfect English as someone from the U/S.


We are a fractional recruiting service that hires trained and experienced world class talent for companies that are scaling the fastest and most efficient way possible!

Smooth Hiring Process

One of our goals is to help over 10,000 people find careers in a remote workspace and help them get paid more than the average person in our country.
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Communication is everything

Communication for our team is the most important way to over deliver on our customer service experience. You are going to choose whether slack, email or Facebook messenger is your preferred way to communicate with us.
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Fill out the initial launch call form

5-minute intake form that provides us with as much information as we need to find your dream team member
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Launch call

1 on 1 zoom call to review your form submission and determine the exact person you are looking for. You also get introduced to our account manager and we set clear expectations on our process.
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The Selection

We present you 3 to 5 candidates based on your form submission, and the launch call. You get a chance to see the resumes, video introductions, and what these candidates are looking for in terms of pay. If needed, we'll present more candidates.
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Personalised skill test

This test is whatever you choose for the candidates to take. They must pass this within 24 hours and impress you by the result. Anyone who does, will proceed to the next step. (This can also be a personality test)
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Interview process

Now that we have chosen the best of the best its time to pick the cherry on top. You will book a Zoom call with our team BUT you will conduct the entire interview. We are the ones who communicate with the candidates the entire time. After each interview, we will assess the pros, the cons, and the next steps.
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Off icially onboarding the new team member

Once you have picked the winner, aka the new team member, it is time to officially onboard them to your company. The best part is… we do this WITH YOU! We have onboarded hundreds of people so we want to make sure everything is done right. This will also be a personalised call.

Are you looking to hire remote team members?

We help businesses scale through placing world class talent  the fastest and most efficient way possible. We also help regular people across the globe find long-term careers working from home.
“We’ve worked closely and I am putting my name on Omer Bloch because I trust him to do the best work possible not just for us but for anyone in the remote space."

-  Josh Gavin

“I can 100% say with confidence you can invest with FAVA. Omer and his team go out of his way and give you a variety to choose from so you can find the perfect person for your company.”

-  Bond Freyer

“He found me 3 great candidates within a week but one of them was exactly what I needed. She knew google ads, graphic design and more. My results have gotten better and we are now scaling.”

-  Ronny Domen

“Within a week, we had our VA in place, trained up and ready to go. And after the process was done, they continued checking in and making sure everything was working the way it's supposed to.”

-  Jimmy Halley


Backed by our 45-day FREE replacement guarantee

If this person quits/gets fired early on, we will be replacing them free of charge. This does not begin until you officially on-board this person to your company, and they begin working
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